Monday, July 18, 2011

All things Flowy

always a fan of flowy things....but not the bat wing sleeves. Which is kinda ironic, considering this chiffon coat am rocking clearly has bat wing sleeves! I just couldn't resist! I have always been attracted to all things flowy....flowy hair (hence my fight with my curly locks), flowy pants (desperately seeking olive colored gaucho's), flowy bags (die over anything with fringe) and of course flowy tops. I love this perfect printed coat....I see it resurfacing in a many seasons.  Summer with any tank or slouchy tee, Fall with a turtle neck, Winter with a structured knitted skirt, dark tights and chunky ankle boots......the combinations are endless.  Hip-hip hooray for flowy! :)
what am rocking: American Apparel tank, homemade 501 LEVIS cutoffs (thanks Babe), olive belt J.Crew, flowy chiffon coat Urban Outfitters, Jesus boots Top Shop, Marc by Marc Jacobs evergreen purse.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

setting soliel

Super hot and muggy out here! Most appropriate for silkzzz....feeling light and airy.  When I saw this top it was an immediate "I dont even have to try this thing on cuz I know its going to be amazing!" Pairing it with a blue horizon was obvious :) Summer has to be my favorite season, next to fall.

what i'm rocking: silk sparkle and fade blouse (urban outfitters), love 21 shorties, random T-dot wedges, deena & ozzy tassle bag.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Ironic Days

so happy on Sunday? I mean I didn't even go to work.....speaking of not going to work....I am graciously being granted my Summer off with partial pay? The company I worked for went bankrupt and terminated folks contracts early, though we should have been paid up until August 31st.  More irony.....happy hour Sundays and working for free :/

what i'm rocking: vintage silk men's dress shirt, tribal shorts pins and needles, trusty Marc Jacobs everywhere (purse and watch), turtle dove circle earrings f21, wedges random find in Toronto.