Monday, September 26, 2011

Sweater and Shorts?

This combination just seems sooooo me! A sweater and shorts! Opposites attract.  I could not wait a full 2 more months for Washington, DC to get cool enough to rock this inside-out teddy bear fuzzy-wuzzy sweater.  Honestly a no brainer its the most perfect attire too, for a trip to the movies. Warm fuzzy sweater for a cool air cond theater.

On another note.....I've been getting a little ridiculous with the shopping lately.....need to curtail some of this spenditure....but I swear every year the Fall-Winter line-up seems to get better and better.  Its like I envision the most amazing oversized-long-sleeved-braid-knitted leather elbowed sweater....and PRESTO CHANGO....there it is...not just at Zara's, but all the usual suspects (Urban/Anthro/Bloomie's) all carry it!! AND in different colors too!!  Hubby please forgive me.....:)

what I'm rocking: the standard levis cut-off,  Zara sweater, Dolce Vita sandals, Marc Jacobs watch and tote.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Lost Society

My friends the 2 Toni's and I checked out the funkiest lil happy hour/lounge/restaurant/after hours spot on U street last Friday.  Complete with lux furnishings, outdoor patio (overlooking U street) and the cutest private stall bathrooms.  I sampled a raspberry long island ice tea, as per suggested by a new acquaintance at the was absolutely delicious!  The lounge aptly titled "Lost Society" seemed so appropriate for a first post, from a blogger that has been lost in society.   My outfit for the night, had me in jeans for the first time in months!! But I couldn't resist! The pattern on my flowy blouse required gray skinny jeans, and these Levis are an essential part of my fall/winter line-up.  My new job has been very demanding of me......but I cant wait to post some of my new corporate attire....the biggest wardrobe transition of my life....but I love it!

what I'm rocking: pins & needles peasant blouse, grey Levis, brown H&M mens belt, Marc Jacobs tote, Marc Jacobs rosegold watch, necklaces Madewell & Annie Cream Cheese.