Wednesday, August 31, 2011

FW Checklist ✓✓✓+✓✓

Cider Press Clogs (*meow item)

Ummmmm...okay??? So I've been totally lost in translation.  I got married, went on a mini-moon, and started a new job.  I am ashamed that I de-prioritized my blog (insert sad face) :(
But don't let that statement fool you.....sarahquitecontrary.blogspot haunts me in dreams.....(insert dream sequence here)"Could be better!  More posts!!! Still more posts!! Awwwh shEEEEt why didn't I bring my camera for this outfit?!?!?"

........................................................(dial tone)

Thats enough venting...on to my FW Checklist.  So blog world, we are running out of time to get our FW checklist, in check!  I have been working on mine since August and have some new additions to the team line-up!! Including an item that was not on the initial list.....meow!

  3rd, 4th, and 5th on the list.....over-sized woolly cardy ✓, the most gratifying suede wedge booties ✓and yet another pair of clog booties (not quite sweedish hasbeens--as I don't quite have sweedish hasbeens $$$) ✓.  So I feel as though I am more than half way on the checklist....not to mention I am realizing that shoes and coats/cardi's might be my frequent purchase.

Yet Another Pair of Wooden Soled Shoes (check):
✓Clog Booties Anthropology

Suede Booties (check):
✓Via Spiga Wedge Booties

Oversized Wooly Cardy (check):
✓Familiar Fit Cardigan Anthropology

a RE-up on the army jacket (check):
✓Trooper Jacket Aritzia

the most amazing ankle booties (check):
✓ Natrix Booties

*next on the list: 
-yet to be had.....a metallic cross body bag (hubby please still forgive me) 
-cream colored pencil skirt
-long sleeved 'to the knee' baby doll dress
-geometric shaped accessories

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bubblegum Pinkchromatic

Can you imagine??—-a 3hrs stale piece of bubblegum in my mouth inspired this look! This bubblegum pink vest has to be one of my most favorite pieces in my closet. I had to order it online about 6 months ago because the store didn’t carry an XS! It goes with everything! Overall I am pretty proud of this outfit, because I think it sums up my overall style in one look. Bright colors, comfort and height….that’s me all day!

if i could....

i would,

 Sonia Rykiel Pom Pom Hobo
 Alexander Wang


(*I acknowledge the pure randomness of this selection...but its entirely accurate with my head space right now)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

FW Checklist ✓✓

As I mentioned in a past post (FW Checklist) mid August seems to be the mark for Fall-Winter fashion prep.  Its like the Fall Harvest, of potatoes, gourds and pumpkins is being picked via blogs, magazines and store windows.  SOoooo I am continuing the addition of my Fall Harvest via my blog and closet:) 

Second item to check off......the Trooper Jacket from Aritzia (  Let me just say I LOVE-LOVE Aritzia!! Being originally from Canada (as it is a Canadian brand) and being able to purchase it over here (San Francisco) slightly cured my homesick feeling that seems to creep up on me every now and then.  It felt like the Trooper was the necessary RE-up on my current line-up of army jackets.  The army jacket has been a long standing Fall necessity in the SQC closet.  The perfect jacket for Fall's unpredictable temperatures.  I loved the fact that this jacket had a hood (for rainy days), was intentionally over-sized (for bulky sweaters on cooler days) and the length--slightly longer than the standard army jacket (perfect for long flowy -residual Summer dresses).  I ended up getting an XS and it fits amazing. 

a RE-up on the army jacket (check):
✓Trooper Jacket Aritzia

the most amazing ankle booties (check):
✓ Natrix Booties

*next on the list: 
-over-sized woolly cardy
-dare I say it.....a metallic cross body bag (hubby please forgive me)

Friday, August 12, 2011

No, for real....DIY!

For the past 3 Summers (or so) I have patted myself on the back for being so brave.  Courageous enough to take some of my fav vintage dresses, cut and crop them.....MYSELF! DIY!  The first time I did it, I was so scarred.  I feared ruining a perfectly great piece, by cutting it too short or too crooked.  But alas, I have had pretty good and consistent luck.
I think what draws me to vintage dresses, is the unique personality each piece brings.  If its not the shape, or super dope pattern, its some sort of random extra bit~like a tassel, cute fabric buttons on the shoulder, or like in this case---the most adorable bib flap that ties to the side, not to mention the funkiest pattern, printed on the lightest silk ever! Perfect for the summer! 

what I'm rocking: DIY vintage dress (Edmonton, Alberta find!), 3 year old F21 gladiators, sunglasses Free People, rose gold Marc Jacobs watch, cross body bag Marc Jacobs.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

FW Checklist ✓

Mid August seems to be the mark for Fall-Winter fashion prep.  Its like the leaves are changing color via blogs, magazines and store windows.  Sooooo from now until the actual leaves outside my window start to change, I will post the items I am checking off in my FW line-up.  First item to check off......the Natrix Booties (  I purchased these without the slightest hesitation.  Our recent trip to San Fran made it for an easy decision.  You see unlike East Coast weather (98 degrees), SFO was a balmy 50 degrees~naturally making for an obvious purchase.

the most amazing ankle booties (check):
✓ Natrix Booties

*next on the list: 
-an all weather trench
-over-sized wooly cardy

half way between yellow and green

The middle ground of yellow and green has secretly become a favorite.  Chartreuse is it? Lingering quietly and adding its self to the presence of my closet over the past 6 months (to be specific) fact a panel in my wedding dress paid homage....see below:
 three cheers for chartreuse!

what I'm rocking: Madewell chartreuse v-neck, Yaya leopard zipper skirt, Deena & Ozzy boots, Marc Jacobs rose gold watch.
Wedding Dress: Preen, shoes Bakers

Monday, August 8, 2011

if i could....

i would,
 Kate Moss

 Alexander McQueen


Alexander Wang
 (images via Knight Cat)

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Living Art

Super wicked art exhibit I stumbled across while in LA. If I lived in LA I think I would literally stay on Fairfax. The most amazing vintage shops (many by appointment only),funky boutiques…and there is an actual RVCA store (I got loads of cuties from there…but on pause for Fall/Winter).

what I'm rocking: the standard LEVIS cutoffs, leopard loafer Steve Madden , YAYA Nom de Plume sheer blouse, AA t-shirt, Ray Ban Aviators.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Friday Night

This outfit just looks like what a Friday Night outfit should be.  This dress is more fitted than I would normally wear.  I threw on the Levis not to cover up, but to literally warm up.  Coming from the East Coast where the temperature has stayed at nothing less than 95F, and being up on up the West Coast for our mini-moon where the temperature dropped to 55F!!-Common San Fran! I have felt warmer Winter days on our December visits! As you can see I am still rocking my Steve Maddens! The comfiest platform ever!!

SOooooI have a confession to make....I am definitely guilty of this one!! I sometimes coordinator my hubby's outfits with mine!! I can't help myself its just too easy.  He is my little muse!

what i'm rocking: red bustier Sparkle & Fade, Steve Madden Platforms, Levis denim, deux lux bag, jumbo gold hoops random Toronto spot.
what hubby be rocking: Levis denim (duuuuh), green sperry loafers, red polo, buffalo jeans, ray bans, Skaggen watch

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Quilted and Obsessed

I died when I found this Sunner top a few weeks ago.  The quilted print is totally deceiving! It is so light and airy.  The bulbous-yes I said bulbous, sleeves are amaaaazing! I paired it with a funky knitted skirt, and the standard clunky shoe *they might be my all-time favorite Summer shoe ever.....funny because I have been rocking them since late March. 

On another note, I have been really working with my hubby on his 'picture taking skillz.'  

what i'm rocking: Sunner top, Starring at Stars knitted skirt, Deena & Ozzy boots, Marc Jacobs bag and watch

Monday, August 1, 2011

Champagne Kisses

So I've clearly been MIA.  In fact, I admit...doing a lousy job maintaining my blog. I have the greatest intentions.  I wake up plan for a wicked outfit, get my hubby (yes I said hubby...more to come) to snap some shots...and then I get lazy.  I plan on going H.A.M on NQC (Not Quite Ordinary).  Fresh from a well needed holiday (LAX-SFO).  These pix are from my bridal shower.  I stocked piled outfits for weeks in preparation for the events leading up to the big day.  BCBG, Bloomies, ZARA's, Marc Jacobs, Urban....all my favorites.  Not surprising that I ended up in this lil $29.90 champagne flapper dress from F21!!  I was going to post the link but the dress is gone from the site.  Paired with an amazing Steve Madden platform (as inspired by my blogger idol Sincerely Jules).  Be prepared because I have not stopped rocking them bad boys all week long!  They are incredibly comfortable.

what i'm rocking: F21 flapper dress, Steve Madden platforms, Tiffany &CO pearl necklace with toggle, MARC JACOBS watch, Rachel Roy woven snake print clutch.

Here are some more pix with me and my bridal shower jammers!