Wednesday, August 10, 2011

FW Checklist ✓

Mid August seems to be the mark for Fall-Winter fashion prep.  Its like the leaves are changing color via blogs, magazines and store windows.  Sooooo from now until the actual leaves outside my window start to change, I will post the items I am checking off in my FW line-up.  First item to check off......the Natrix Booties (  I purchased these without the slightest hesitation.  Our recent trip to San Fran made it for an easy decision.  You see unlike East Coast weather (98 degrees), SFO was a balmy 50 degrees~naturally making for an obvious purchase.

the most amazing ankle booties (check):
✓ Natrix Booties

*next on the list: 
-an all weather trench
-over-sized wooly cardy

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