Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Friday Night

This outfit just looks like what a Friday Night outfit should be.  This dress is more fitted than I would normally wear.  I threw on the Levis not to cover up, but to literally warm up.  Coming from the East Coast where the temperature has stayed at nothing less than 95F, and being up on up the West Coast for our mini-moon where the temperature dropped to 55F!!-Common San Fran! I have felt warmer Winter days on our December visits! As you can see I am still rocking my Steve Maddens! The comfiest platform ever!!

SOooooI have a confession to make....I am definitely guilty of this one!! I sometimes coordinator my hubby's outfits with mine!! I can't help myself its just too easy.  He is my little muse!

what i'm rocking: red bustier Sparkle & Fade, Steve Madden Platforms, Levis denim, deux lux bag, jumbo gold hoops random Toronto spot.
what hubby be rocking: Levis denim (duuuuh), green sperry loafers, red polo, buffalo jeans, ray bans, Skaggen watch

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