Wednesday, August 31, 2011

FW Checklist ✓✓✓+✓✓

Cider Press Clogs (*meow item)

Ummmmm...okay??? So I've been totally lost in translation.  I got married, went on a mini-moon, and started a new job.  I am ashamed that I de-prioritized my blog (insert sad face) :(
But don't let that statement fool you.....sarahquitecontrary.blogspot haunts me in dreams.....(insert dream sequence here)"Could be better!  More posts!!! Still more posts!! Awwwh shEEEEt why didn't I bring my camera for this outfit?!?!?"

........................................................(dial tone)

Thats enough venting...on to my FW Checklist.  So blog world, we are running out of time to get our FW checklist, in check!  I have been working on mine since August and have some new additions to the team line-up!! Including an item that was not on the initial list.....meow!

  3rd, 4th, and 5th on the list.....over-sized woolly cardy ✓, the most gratifying suede wedge booties ✓and yet another pair of clog booties (not quite sweedish hasbeens--as I don't quite have sweedish hasbeens $$$) ✓.  So I feel as though I am more than half way on the checklist....not to mention I am realizing that shoes and coats/cardi's might be my frequent purchase.

Yet Another Pair of Wooden Soled Shoes (check):
✓Clog Booties Anthropology

Suede Booties (check):
✓Via Spiga Wedge Booties

Oversized Wooly Cardy (check):
✓Familiar Fit Cardigan Anthropology

a RE-up on the army jacket (check):
✓Trooper Jacket Aritzia

the most amazing ankle booties (check):
✓ Natrix Booties

*next on the list: 
-yet to be had.....a metallic cross body bag (hubby please still forgive me) 
-cream colored pencil skirt
-long sleeved 'to the knee' baby doll dress
-geometric shaped accessories

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